How to Get in Touch With People Using a Virtual Address

virtual address

When you are using the internet, you can use a virtual address to get in touch with people. These addresses are also known as a ‘virtual address space’. There are several providers offering this service. These providers include Incfile, iPostal1, and Planet Express. All these providers allow you to have a virtual address.


An iPostal1 virtual address is a great way to promote your small business without having to pay the high cost of an actual office. This service offers a range of benefits at a low cost, including a real street address, a local phone number, and optional fax services. You can even set up multiple addresses and manage your mail from multiple locations! You can choose from a range of different plans, depending on your needs and the amount of mail you receive each month. You can also pay with your credit card or PayPal account.

The iPostal1 service has partnered with major carriers to offer many features that aren’t available with a physical address, including mail scanning, check depositing, and package forwarding. A PO Box is a convenient way to forward mail, but with an iPostal1 virtual address, you get a real street address and all the conveniences of a real mailbox.


With a PostScanMail virtual address, you have complete control over your mail and packages. The service is suitable for both personal and business use, and offers a variety of features, including package forwarding, unlimited cloud storage, and local pickup. Plus, you can filter mail according to your needs, including the number of mail items you receive or open per month. There are three different PostScanMail plans.

A virtual post address works similar to an E-mail. The main difference is that instead of receiving only texts and media, your virtual address can also receive and deliver physical items. This service uses a mail server that’s managed by a professional.


Incfile’s virtual address service is available in 22 states and is an inexpensive way to get a stable, single mailing address. The company scans and uploads mail to your virtual address so that you can receive and manage your mail from any device. While Incfile’s virtual address is not a substitute for a physical mailing address, it can help you stay compliant with state laws while maintaining a professional image.

One of Incfile’s biggest strengths is its customer service. It is staffed by professionals, offering support during regular business hours. While most competitors have customer service representatives available on weekends, Incfile’s agents are polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. The company also has an excellent reputation on Shopper Approved.

Planet Express

If you’re looking for a virtual address provider that can deliver packages to your doorstep, Planet Express is a great choice. The company offers competitive rates, as its “consolidation” system allows it to ship large volumes of goods every day. Because of this, Planet Express is often able to secure discounted pricing from shippers, so that its customers are able to save as much as 80%.

The company also offers a flexible pricing structure. You can pay a flat $5 deposit to get your own virtual address and then use the rest as credit on your first purchase. There are two plans to choose from: the One Package Plan and the Consolidated Package Plan. The One Package Plan is best for people who only want to use their virtual address once, and the Consolidated Package Plan is ideal for frequent online shoppers.